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FAQs for Parents and Students

Why Should I Study Abroad? Studying abroad is a cost-effective way to travel and experience the world while earning college credit. Studying abroad will enable you to grow personally, emotionally, culturally and academically. Gaining international experience related to your field can make you more marketable to employers.

Is Study Abroad Safe? The Center for International Education works with reputable program providers and educational institutions overseas. All of our programs have on-site support for students.

Is Study Abroad Expensive? Many study abroad semester-long programs cost about the same as a semester at SAU. The cost of short-term programs varies, but every effort is made to keep costs low.

Can I Use Financial Aid? Students studying abroad for one semester can use their entire scholarship package for Exchange programs and up to $4,000 of their SAU scholarship for Provider programs. Eligible students can also use federal and state loans and private funding sources. Financial aid policies vary for winter break, spring break and summer programs.

Will I Receive Academic Credit for Studying Abroad? All credits that you earn while abroad should transfer back to St. Ambrose. You must have your study abroad courses approved by your academic adviser before you depart. With proper planning, you should NOT fall behind by studying abroad.

How Far in Advance Do I Need to Start Planning to Study Abroad? You should start planning as early as possible, but at least one or two semesters in advance. You must decide which program is the best fit for your academic and personal needs, obtain course approval from your academic adviser(s), complete the application process, apply for any available scholarships, and make sure your financial aid is in order.