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For SAU Faculty

Organizing and leading an education abroad program for a group of students may be one of the most personally and professionally rewarding enterprises you will undertake as a St. Ambrose University faculty or staff member. Designing an education abroad program requires years of advance planning and considerable communication with your Department Chair, Dean, and the Education Abroad Coordinator. Please give yourself the time necessary to establish a thoughtful program.  

For more information regarding the process, expectations, and deadlines please refer to the Short-Term Faculty-Led Education Abroad Program Guide for Program Leaders

If you are interested in proposing a Faculty-Led Education Abroad Program, please follow these steps:

1. Submit an online Statement of Intent that articulates your vision for your program. You will be asked to identify your course, program location(s), program type, and to give a program description. Your Statement of Intent must be approved by your Department Chair and the Dean before you can go any further in the process. 

Deadline for Spring Break/May/Summer Programs: October 1st of the preceding academic year
i.e. Due October 1, 2020 for program departing May 2022
Deadline for Winter Programs: April 1st, two academic years preceding program departure
i.e. Due April 1, 2020 for program departing January 2022

2. Submit an online Course Proposal detailing the program leadership, onsite support, travel requirements, integrated syllabus, teaching methods, teaching load, and an itemized budget. Your proposal must first be approved by your Department Chair and Dean before it moves forward. Their approval ideally is the culmination of a series of conversations with them that you have engaged in from the conception of your program through the Statement of Intent through the proposal process. Your proposal also will be reviewed by the Education Abroad Coordinator. During this process, the Coordinator usually asks for a review from at least one veteran education abroad program leader from the applicant’s college. Finally, your proposal is reviewed by the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs and the Vice President for Finance. 
​Deadline for Spring Break/May/Summer Programs: August 15th, the academic year of your program
i.e. Due August 15, 2020 for program departing May 2021
Deadline for Winter Programs: January 15th of the preceding academic year
i.e. Due January 15, 2020 for program departing January 2021

If you have any questions, please contact the Education Abroad Coordinator, Paige Echele. You may also request a meeting with Paige here.