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Financial Aid and Education Abroad

Can I use financial aid for study abroad? The short answer is: yes for semester programs, sometimes for short-term programs. Planning ahead may make it easier to obtain additional funding, so begin your study abroad planning process early!

Financial Aid for Semester Programs

All semester study abroad students on an Exchange Program can take their full SAU financial aid package, including scholarships and federal/state loans (excluding work study), for up to one semester. Students participating in an approved Provider Program can take all of their federal/state loans (excluding work study) and up to $4,000 of their SAU scholarship award.

Tuition remission or tuition exchange awards cannot be applied to study abroad costs. Students are able to use their SAU funding only once in the course of an undergraduate career at SAU.

Financial Aid for Short-Term Study Abroad

Students should work with the Financial Aid Office to see if they are eligible to use financial aid to pay for short-term study abroad programs.

Short-term faculty-led programs often require large deposits up to 8 months prior to departure. Review the program information and deadlines carefully to plan for any additional financial assistance you may need. 

Students must enroll in at least 6 credits to be eligible for summer loans.