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This is a listing of all the featured programs in the program catalog. You can view the brochure for any of these programs by clicking on the program name.
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Business in Canada Detroit, United States; London, Canada; Toronto, Canada
Terms: Summer Description: Instructor:  Prof. John Byrne Course:  MGMT 399, MKTG 389 or INTL 372 or ACCT 402 (3 credits).  This course will be added to your Spring Semester course load--please be sure that you leave enough room in your schedule so that you do n ot[...]
Croatia: International Issues in Master of Organizational Leadership Zagreb, Croatia
Terms: Summer Description: International Issues in Leadership Course:  MOL 645  (3 credits) Instructor: Dr. Dan Ebener, Professor of Organizational Leadership Likely Course Start Date at St. Ambrose:  March 20, 2017  Departure Date: May 20, 2017 Date s[...]
Leadership in Croatia Zagreb, Croatia
Terms: Winter Description: Leadership in Croatia Instructor: Dr. Dan Ebener, Professor of Management Course: MGMT 399, INTL 372, or PSCI 104 (3 credits). This course will be counted as part of your Spring course load. Price: $3,265 (tentative) Course Description: This [...]
Nursing in Colombia Bogota, Colombia
Terms: Spring Description: Nursing in Colombia Course: NURS 399 National/International Study Abroad (1 credit). (This will be considered a Spring Semester course because there will be 7 course meetings during the semester.) Program Leaders: Juleann Miller and Katie Brow ning  Program[...]
Rome and Christianity Assisi, Italy; Florence, Italy; Milan, Italy; Rome, Italy
Terms: Winter Description: Rome & Christianity Course:  THEO 344 Rome & Christianity or AH 320 Topics in Art History (choose one--three credits). This course begins in the Fall 2017 semester.  Instructors:  Fr. Bud Grant (Theology) and Pr of.[...]
Social Work in India Bangalore, India; Cochin, India; Jaipur, India
Terms: Winter Description: Mental Health, Policies and Practices in India and the U.S. Course: MSW 910, Mental Health Policies and Practices in India and the United States (three credits) Instructor:  Dr. Johny Augustine, Assistant Professor of Social Work Te ntative[...]
Speech-Language Pathology in Ecuador Cuenca, Ecuador; Guayaquil, Ecuador; Otavalo, Ecuador; Quito, Ecuador
Terms: Winter Description: Master of Speech-Language Pathology in Ecuador Course:  MSLP 825, Multicultural Clinic Abroad (3 credits) Instructor: Professor David Krupke Primary Location: Cuenca, Ecuador Price:  $4,260 (tentative until enrollment numbers are [...]
UMAIE T4938 A WIZARD OF THEIR AGE: HARRY POTTER IN CONTEXT Edinburgh, Scotland; London, England; Oxford, England
Terms: Winter Description: THIS COURSE IS ONLY OPEN TO UMAIE STUDENTS   Dates: 01/02/2018-01/23/2018 Summary: This course invites students to engage with J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novels beyond first encounters and early affection to deeper engage ment[...]
UMAIE T4940 THE MODERNIST MOMENT: LITERATURE BETWEEN THE WARS Caen, France; London, England; Nice, France; Paris, France
Terms: Winter Description: THIS COURSE IS ONLY OPEN TO UMAIE STUDENTS Dates: 01/01/2018-01/23/2018 Summary: This intermediate-level literature course explores the major ideas of modernism in the cafes, museums, bars, and bookstores where Ernest Hemingway, Langs ton[...]
UMAIE T4944 LITERARY PASSPORTS: TRAVEL AND TRANSFORMATION Florence, Italy; Madrid, Spain; Paris, France; Venice, Italy
Terms: Winter Description: THIS COURSE IS ONLY OPEN TO UMAIE STUDENTS Dates: 01/02/2018-01/23/2018 Summary: Join us on a literary adventure of travel and self-discovery as we journey through France, Italy, and Spain reading the writings of bygone travelers inspired by [...]
UMAIE T4947 PSYCHOLOGY OF SUSTAINABILITY IN GERMANY AND DENMARK Berlin, Germany; Copenhagen, Denmark; Hamburg, Germany
Terms: Winter Description: THIS COURSE IS ONLY OPEN TO UMAIE STUDENTS Dates: 12/29/2017-01/21/2018 Summary This course examines the interplay between human behavior and the natural environment in Germany and Denmark.   Academic Overview +SOC 250 or PSYC 39 8--4[...]